Women's Self Defense Seminars

Taught by Women, for Women.

We believe in equality for men and women, but we also know that generally, women's bodies are build differently than men.  Sometimes what might work for a man, may not be most effective for a women.  Could you overpower an attacker?  Maybe.  But there are better ways to defend yourself than relying on brute force.  You want your technique to be easy to remember and highly effective.

This program is designed by a leading Canadian expert and aims to empower women by giving them the tools to reliably, and effectively escape an unwanted situation in a way that works for each woman. 

You don't need any previous experience to partake, and the course is suitable for women of all ages and fitness level (ages 12+).  The course is encouraging, empowering, confidence boosting, and FUN!

This is a great course for mothers and daughters to take together, or for friends or coworkers.

Do you have a workplace with a group of women who would be interested? Talk to your HR department about a company course.

Sessions enrollment is limited, so fill out the form below to get information about our next session.


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